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Hikari focuses on new equipment for sewing machine manufacturing

May 28, 2020

More than 30 years history of HIKARI group.All mangers  and workers of HIKARI(SHANGHAI) visit the development History of HIKARI group on 20th May 2020,in Shanghai. The development history shows Hongyun trading company of Hikari group's entrepreneurial experience, from 0 to 1, from good to excellent. Hongyun of Hikari group has created a sales miracle in the history of the world ’s sewing machine trading area again and again. The cultural self-confidence, strong execution, and advanced business model of the Hongyun of Hikari group have laid the foundation for the growth and growth of the Hikari China brand.Now HIKARI brand is on behalf of good quality of  Chinese sewing machine enterprise and take social responsibility also.           




Always focusing on sewing industry



During the 2020 epidemic, HIKARI group used four times of normal wages for workers to produce equipment for manufacturing PPE for customers, and the price of equipment did not increase due to market shortage. At the same time, although HIKARI group has strong research and development capabilities, when facing the temptation of mask machine,HIKARI did not produce mask machines to make money in a short time. Nowadays, some sewing equipment enterprises that temporarily produce mask machines are attracting bad reputation due to bad quality of mask machines.





This is the focus of HIKARI GROUP. In the face of changing markets, it always adheres to industrial sewing machine industry and related equipment industry.God of management Mr.Kazu Inamori says:’working in one industry for whole life patiently and it will make you be a master’.


Continuous doing research on the market makes HIKARI understand the needs of customers and share benefits with customers together , HIKARI continues to climb the peak of technology,make efforts to promote the technological breakthroughs in the sewing industry,improve the production capacity ,make the sewing operation more easily and do contribution to human development.


Innovation in one area


When can Chinese sewing equipments change the ecology of sewing machine and when can Chinese sewing equipments go to the world stage? Since the born of HIKARI sewing machine in 2001, HIKARI does not take the usual path, Inherit the culture of Hongyun of HIKARI group,’to be confident, to lead the load’ .In the sewing industry, HIKAIR is the first to do cooperation with university and scientific research institution and develop the new sewing machine technology.


In 2006, computerized sewing  machine first created by Hikari,.In 2008,HIKARI created the the computerized overlock machine and changed  the world. HIKARI has invested huge amounts of manpower and funds to develop these two products, becoming the "HIKAIR TYPE" imitated around the world.




"HIKAIR TYPE" sewing  machines  make a name for chinese equipment and HIKARI was awarded the national key new products and Won the honor of national high-tech enterprise, Chinese national brand of sewing machine industry, etc. Over the past 14 years, HIKARI has won 19 national invention patents and more than 100 national utility model patents.



"HIKAIR TYPE" sewing  machines have been imitated many times and caused huge economic losses for HIKARI. However, HIKARI has not changed the pace of innovation that it has actively explored, and continues to expand cooperation with scientific research units in universities. In early 2020, it established a "smart research institute" with Wuhan University of Technology and set up a work station for Academician Zhou Zude to jointly develop more epoch-making significance. new technology.


Integrity is based on behavior,Value commitment and put into practice


HIKARI has traveled along the way, constantly joining hands with more and more apparel companies for mid- to high-end customers.


HIKARI provides not only faster and more advanced products, but also high-quality and 100-percent pledges.


In order to pursue high quality, HIKARI smashed all the problematic products at one time, allowing the industry to see HIKARI's ultimate pursuit of high quality; in order to meet customer after-sales service needs, HIKARI started a rapid response and made the first time to customer needs Respond and solve, so that customers are satisfied with efficient service.


Some people say that this is an era of winning services. While providing high-quality products to customers, HIKARI uses new technologies to build more efficient services, such as "HIKARI Cloud", to establish remote management services for customers, so that customers can control the production anytime and anywhere using the network Process, deploy production rhythm.



The service needs to be iteratively upgraded. HIKARI has accumulated 30 years of service experience in Hongyun, combined with HIKARI's profound technical accumulation, it will eventually allow customers to experience a more perfect service.


In 2020, it will be very difficult for many companies.Mr Wu Liangjie the MD of Hikari company,said to all colleagues at the celebration of the day that 2020 will become a stage in HIKARI that truly completes the deep transformation. We use this period of time to calm down and make manufacturing quality, R & D innovation and market expansion to a new level.

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