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Hikari presses the accelerator key for digital factory construction

May 29, 2020

In 2019, Hikari has grown against the trend, attracting more and more partners to work together with wisdom and sincerity. During the novel coronavirus epidemic in 2020, orders for computerized lockstitch sewing machines and overlock sewing machines sent to Hikari were even in short supply.


Affected by the global public health incident of the Novel coronavirus Epidemic, the global industrial chain and supply chain cycle was affected.


Facing the severe market situation, Hikari responded calmly, on the one hand, strengthened internal training, especially on May 20th, the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Hongyun Company and the 14th anniversary celebration of Hikari, all colleagues studied and reviewed the advanced corporate culture ——Always ahead, create a poem about the world's sewing machine sales legend, let colleagues be proud of Hongyun & Hikari people, and have full confidence in the company's future development. At the same time, management and colleagues carry out different training and learning, making a comprehensive preparation for future development.


The second is to speed up the construction of digital factories, so that production and management of enterprises can reach a new level and become an enterprise with advanced manufacturing. At present, the automatic packaging production line is stepping up debugging, and digital management will become the future trend. The scene of the entire automated operation of the assembly line made the workers feel that the company has accelerated the pace of digital factory construction and is steadily achieving a previously established project target. In the face of the epidemic, the company still continued to increase its investment in the construction of a digital factory. They deeply felt that the company was full of confidence in future development.



For the market, Hikari knows well what kind of product can impress customers at this moment, it must be the product with updated technology and more automation to minimize the production cost of the enterprise to maximize production efficiency Keep enterprises in the industry leading level in competition. In the third quarter, Hikari will successively launch products with significantly lower labor costs and more advanced technologies.

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