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Sewing machine's Future, HIKARI will publish Five New Technology Products

May 30, 2020

Focusing on new technology and automation, HIKARI is trying its best to overcome the adverse effects caused by the COV-19 epidemic. After preliminary research and continuous experimentation, HIKARI recently announced batch of products with more new technologies and even suitable for unmanned work scenarios and will put into the market soon to provide a powerful assistance for the transformation and upgrading of the garment industry.


It is reported that five products will put on the market this time, K1 AUTO ring bottom hemming machine, K2 AUTO T-shirt opening bottom hemming sewing workstation, K5 AUTO banding machine, K7 Adidas 3tapes press machine, K10 AUTO waist banding machine.




The above products were exhibited at CISMA in September 2019. They were eye-catching exhibits at the exhibition at that time, which aroused great attention in sewing machine industry. After several months of continuous debugging and operation experiments, with strict quality control, these products will eventually show the most supreme quality.


The technology advance of the above products, reflected in its automation and labor saving, is the current market-leading technology. For example, the K2  AUTO T-shirt opening bottom hemming sewing workstation integrating the automatic layering, grasping, positioning, cutting, conveying and sewing of the fabric by the machine, and automatically counts the number of sewing pieces. The machine can completely replace the traditional worker assembly line and make the assembly line appears "unmanned", and it can managed on the "cloud" of the "HIKARI Cloud", and it also makes management move towards information and digitalization.


For HIKARI, to achieve the corporate philosophy, it is necessary to develop the most advanced products, let the products speak for HIKARI, and let the "HIKARI models" full of wisdom create value for global users and partners. As the Chinese government has increased its protection of intellectual property rights, especially in the work report of the Chinese government on May 22, special mentioned of strengthening intellectual property protection in enhancing the support for scientific and technological innovation part, which allowed HIKARI have stronger confidence to increase investment in research and development. On the other hand, HIKARI will accelerate the path of developing more advanced intelligent products. HIKARI, who has a forward-looking vision, recently cooperated with Wuhan University of Technology to build an "intelligent research institute" to climb a new peak in intelligent sewing equipment area.


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