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HIKARI: Has always been imitated but never surpassed

May 30, 2020

Reviewing history and summing up, is to better face the future and plan for the future.
In the history of the development of the world's sewing machines, in 2006 and 2008, two sewing machine products triggered the industry revolution, that is, the world's first oil direct drive single needle sewing machine and computer overlock sewing machine initiated by Chinese brands and Chinese enterprises. Up to now, these two products have become the standard form of the industrial sewing machine product category, which is vividly described by the industry as "HIKARI models".
Since the birth of the “HIKARI Style”, HIKARI brand has entered the global industry with focusing on new technologies, innovation, integrity and trustworthiness, and has become the cooperation object of middle and high-end customers -each HIKARI product has updated technology to enable customers to create more value.



Despite it is constantly being imitated, but HIKARI has always been at the leading level in the competition. The key factor is its innovative genes that penetrate into the texture and the corporate culture of "Decisiveness", "Peculiarity" and "Topspeed". It is always a step ahead to know the customer's next needs, market development direction and how to lead the sewing technology to change, while pursuing "strict" in product quality, adhering to the sincere idea of ??"being heart-to-heart" in service, with integrity Gain continued customer trust and customization of the new "HIKARI Style".
From home to abroad, there are "HIKARI models" that sew quickly. Perhaps the well-known brand clothing you wearing comes from the precise and perfect sewing of HIKARI. Perhaps in the poverty alleviation workshop next your door, workers are wishing use "HIKARI sewing machine” as a happy dreams, and during the epidemic, the" HIKARI models "is to speed up the production of protective clothing; perhaps you can see " HIKARI purple "figure while watching the news report.


As a comprehensive supplier built by the service enterprise "smart factory", HIKARI has injected innovation factors into each product, and injected newer and more advanced technologies. More and more “HIKARI models” have become customized “products” for the transformation and upgrading of sewing equipment of service enterprises.
Facing the severe future of the economic situation, only continuous technological innovation can win the future. HIKARI, who was launched the world’s first product again in September 2019, in the second half of 2020, the new “HIKARI models” will be used to ignite the market and lead the market in transformation and upgrading with newer technologies, to create user value interpretation of brand value.


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