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Others speculation prove the integrity of HIKARI

June 23, 2020

"If other company are honest like Shanghai HIKARI, how can I have such heavy loss." Recently, Mr. A, a sewing equipment agent who took a huge amount of cash "barter", had to suffer double loss of economy and credibility because of the dishonesty of some manufacturers. After this incident, he decided strengthen further cooperation with HIKARI, and put those untrustworthy company on his "blacklist".


Which made HIKARI surprised was an untrustworthy behavior of others caused HIKARI, which takes integrity as its cultural gene, to trigger the magnetic field effect of integrity in the sewing industry, further strengthening the credibility and reputation of the HIKARI brand.


"One time trading”


In the early stage of the COVID-19 epidemic, the mask machine is doubled in price as a scarce production equipment. Mr .A paid a million   RMB for a mask machine from a sewing equipment manufacturer he represented. Unexpectedly, after the mask machine was put into production, it failed frequently.

It turned out that these mask machines were rushed into production by the manufacturer, and they were not mature in technology or guaranteed in quality.

What made Mr. A even more chilled was that the manufacturer ignored the requests for repair, replacement and return after received the money. Similar with him, some agents paid for it, and they were in the same dilemma.

This "one time trading” incident gave Mr. A a profound lesson: To see whether a company stresses integrity depends on the company's development process and whether it has always been stressing integrity, not just for a while.


Integrity HIKARI's magnetic field effect


The development of this incident made Shanghai HIKARI, who seemed to have nothing to do with itself, at this time when the image of other companies fell into untrustworthiness due to untrustworthy behavior, but because of HIKARI’s own integrity, it won deep trust in the sewing industry and demonstrated the magnetic field effect caused by integrity.


In essence, this is a natural screening of honesty by society. American scholar Charles and others pointed out in the book "Reputation and Wealth" that reputation, like a magnet, helps companies attract various resources. In other words, a good reputation is better and more credible, where as a bad reputation is worse and untrustworthy.


Behind HIKARI’s trust and praise in the market this time is a culture of integrity that has been meticulously constructed over the past ten years. “Strict quality”, “Let customers make good use of every HIKARI machine”, “Speaking of doing”, etc. not only a HIKARI slogan, but HIKARI’s action, they have become HIKARI's unique cultural genes, rooted in all aspects of HIKARI.


After experiencing the battle of the COVID-19 epidemic, the HIKARI brand, which is equivalent to integrity, has made the industry's responsibility and integrity image of HIKARI more profound: to increase  wage to meet the requirements of sewing equipment of epidemic prevention enterprise, but it has not taken advantage of the shortage of supply to increase prices; To allow anti-epidemic enterprises to make good use of every HIKARI machine, HIKARI people stand out to ensure rapid production of anti-epidemic enterprises...


People do not stand without trust, companies do not thrive without trust, and countries do not stand strong without trust.

HIKARI’s cultural code of integrity is: to maintain sufficient admiration and awe for integrity, and honesty is the gene for HIKARI’s survival.

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