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Why HIKARI H8900 gives the impression “the longer you use the better you feel”

June 27, 2020

The birth of the "HIKARI model" computer sewing machine can be described as stunning birth, which makes the transmission belt that has been rotating for more than 100 years become history. Chinese brand HIKARI is listed in the history of the development of the world sewing equipment industry.

The “HIKARI models” with subversive genes, carrying the mission of creating history, are destined to have more advanced technology given by HIKARI brand.

 After 12 years of development, the "HIKARI" computerized sewing machine has been optimized and upgraded to H8900, which is the first choice for the replacement of the sewing machine in the garment industry。


As we all know, the "HIKARI models" computerized sewing machine has become the most widely used new category in the sewing machine industry, causing many domestic and foreign manufacturers to fight for counterfeiting. However, the pace of counterfeiting has not kept pace with HIKARI's innovation;



Despite repeated under competition of low price productions, HIKARI did not lower production standards, instead HIKARI adopted new technologies to reduce product costs, continuously improve product quality and improve sewing performance.



More and more customers are more fond of the " the longer you use the better you feeling " of HIKARI computer sewing machine, more loyal to the HIKARI brand.

Faced with a fiercely competitive market, H8900 explains why it has become a “sharp weapon” for the garment industry.

It have lower noise, better sewing performance and faster speed;

Applied new thread tension device, more accurate thread tension;

Oil supply system from micro oil take-up lever, reduce oil pollution;

Clip device reduces bird nests;

Use large surrounded lighting LED light;

New control pane technology, adjusting parameters more efficiently.

For users, their most intuitive evaluation is H8900 "the longer you use the better you feeling"

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