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Hikari H9300 magically improve sewing quality

June 28, 2020

The urgent needs of improving the sewing quality from garment industry has been solved by Hikari high quality sewing machine one by one.

Hikari H9300 easily solved the problems that the global garment industry facing at, such as "long thread tail, oil stains, bird nest" and etc.



And Hikari machine could highly decrease the cost of sewing bird nest.

H9300 is an upgrade machine based on “Hikari type” new generation computerized lockstitch machine.

Double trimmer design structure, thread tail can be controlled within 3mm accurately.



Sealed oil tank design, highly solved the sewing oil stain problem during working.



About the big problem of bird nest, Hikari offer the optional proposal:

If customers have a high requirements on sewing quality, only need to spend hundred yuan, they can easily install anti-bird nest device on H9300

This device successfully let us being the first one who solved the high cost problem of anti-bird nest device, besides the high cost, other anti-bird nest device is not stable.



Hikari committed to solving the needs of customers, and put big effort to reduce the production costs for customers, and we successfully reduce the cost of anti-bird nest devices to 500 yuan, making this device widely used in garment factories as many as possible, creating more value for customers.

This is Hikari H9300 charming, which provides more possibility for improving sewing quality.

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