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HIKARI H9500 first develops the step motor technology

June 29, 2020

The choice of market achieve “HIKARI BRAND”

HIKIRI creates one by one classic “HIKARI MODEL”

At present, H9500 is the best product of classic “HIKARI MODEL” product, which is the first use step motor tech in the world.




At CISMA2017, HIKARI not only showed the step motor tehchnology, which indicated HIKARI is the leader at the application of automation,and achieved position accurate overlap at reverse stitching.



At CISIMA2019, HIKARI showed “HIKARI CLOUD”that indicated the strategic layout and first application of HIKARI  IOT(internet of things) and digitization.



Actually, HIKARI let H9500 become more intelligent which make Clothing industry  have more and more space of “Customization” while ask the super high rotate speed, the remaining thread tails less than 3mm, sealed oil tank and step motor technology become the standard configuration of H9500.


It means, garment factory can purchase on selection the price reduced  from tan thousand RMB to five hundred  RMB anti-bird nest device with stable performance that can improve the quality of sewing for H9500, and “HIKARI CLOUD”that make manager of operator can long-distance management and control the machine and understand the working efficiency of the machine in real time.


H9500, is the best HIKARI classic product, which makes classic for more classic, and as the  soft hardware beforehand access port for clothing factory device update in the future.

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