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Hikari Computerized overlock machine: Faster and easier.

June 30, 2020

Hikari Computerized overlock machine becomes famous in Vietnam.

Several years ago, A Vietnam cloth manufacture replaced all their computer overlock machines to Hikari HX68 series from other brand machine.



Why the company changed all their overlock machines which were only used several months only? What’s the matter?


In fact, the company’s main production is Surgical protective clothing, they need sewing 2-3 meters without stopping. But the original overlock machine was very slowly and almost fall apart in three months, and the loss is also very serious. After checking with Hikari brand, they decided to replace all their machines. This company is become our loyal customer. They really recognize that Hikari overlock machine almost needn’t maintaining, they didn’t find even one broken needle during these years, and very surprised for the super high speed.


“Quick and easy to use”, This is the market's evaluation for Hikari computer overlock sewing machine, it also allows Hikari to occupy a larger market share in Vietnam in a very short time.

Hikari computer overlock machine is “quick and easy to use”, why?


From technical perspective, the computer intelligent overlock machine first created by Hikari and lead development from 2008 until now. Gathered multiple invention patents and new product awards issued by the five national ministries and commissions, Hikari type become popular production in market and imitated by all the other brands.


From quality perspective, Hikari overlock machine is the top one on the world. If the cloth manufacture is using Japanese brand, after check and test with Hikari brand, most of them will change to use Hikari brand.


HX6800TD is one of the top high speed overlock machine till now. Hikari has also given cloud functions and IOT technology in 2019, laying the foundation for the future development of the IOT unmanned factory.


Not only before but also on the present or on the future, the word of "quick and easy to use" for Hikari computer overlock sewing machine will become better and better.

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