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Why Hikari stands for high quality

June 24, 2020

The Hikari sewing machine has embarked on an extraordinary road since its birth.



The predecessor of Hikari is Hongyun sewing machine trading company, an agent of several well-known sewing machines in the world.

With the help of China's reform and opening up, Hongyun sewing machine trading company took only three years to increase the sales of agency brands by several times. Some brands even opened the "Made for Hongyun" production line. Hikari absorbs and digests foreign technology with innovation.In 2008 “HIKARIi model" quietly became popular. It was named spontaneously by the market,It is Representative of Chinese sewing machine brand.



Around 2010, the "Hikari models" quietly became popular. It was named spontaneously by the market and even named after a Chinese brand!

Regarding the "Hikari model", the industry insiders commented: 1. It rewritten the history of the industrial sewing machine industry in China, and the name of the Chinese brand in the development history of the world sewing machine industry; 2. "Hikari model" Makes Hikari standing the commanding heights of the technology and become the pioneer and leader of the of technology of sewing machines; 3 "Hikari model"  lays the Hikari brand in the high-end position.

Indeed, acting as the agent of world-famous brands has given Hikari more insight into the direction of the market, it makes Hikari be familiar with the urgent needs of customers and understand how to provide the ultimate service.


So far, the "Hikari" computerized lockstitch sewing machine and computerized super high speed overlock sewing machine have become the two categories that other brands strive to imitate all over the world.



Hikari is led by technology and keeping "Hikari models" more advanced.

Even facing the constant counterfeiting and technological catch-up by other brands, Hikari has always innovated with more advanced technology, giving "Hikari models" updated applications, pioneering to solve the pain points of the consumers step by step, such as the first application of LED lights which making the working environment User-friendly; the first design and application of a needle thread clamp to make the wireless head of the sewing surface; the first design to remove the vulnerable and highly polluting transmission belt, and the first to make the computerized lockstitch sewing machine. All these greatly innovation increase the sewing speed Improve work efficiency.




Hikari has stricter product quality requirements to ensure that each model is more stable, faster and more durable.

Hikari uses the same supply chain as well-known international brands except for independent research and development of spare parts, and the standards of Hikari are stricter.


The customer's word of mouth is the best proof.

Hikari's innovative pursuit of advanced technology and the ultimate pursuit of high-end quality, the result is the consistent evaluation from customers for Hikari

Hikari computerized lockstitch sewing machines, the more you use the better.

Hikari computerized super high speed overlock sewing machines are fast and easy for operation.


The classics have been passed down. Each HIKARI product is in the same line as the "Hikari models", and is defined and built by the quality characteristics and technological advancement of high-end products!

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